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Heavy Backpacks In Children Can Result In Back Pain And Other Conditions Later As Adults

The Weight Of The Backpack Should Be No More Than 15% Of The Child’s Bodyweight

Good Posture Boosts Confidence In Anxiety-Inducing Activities

On The Opposite A Slumped Posture Pus The Body In A Defensive Posture, Affecting Performance

Stopping Physical Activity And Exercise Has An Overall Effect On The Body

There Is An Increase If The Risk Of Hypertension, Back Pain, Depression, And Excess Weight

The Cause Of Back Pain Is Not Sitting For An Excessive Time But Sitting The Incorrect Way

The Pelvis Must Be Pushed Forward To Reduce The Stress On The Lower Spine

These Bras Can Adapt To The Body, Preventing Back Pain And Poor Postures

They Can Adjust Themselves Up To Two Cup Sizes