Just No Back Pain Newsletter – New This Week 2016-W18

This week we have interesting information on Back Pain

Portable devices have addicted us to technology. This has originated new health hazards, resulting in bad posture and repetitive movements. They even have new names, such as uch as neck-tech, that consists of head hanging, slouched shoulders and eyes fixed on the display, and wrist pain due to excess typing on small screens.

Men wear wallets in their back pocket. This is not  good idea, not only because the possibility of theft, but the wallet on the back pocket causes an asymmetry that alters the hip and pelvis position. This will result on back pain and inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

Most desk jobs mean sitting at a desk for long periods of time. This will cause back and neck pain. There are measures that will reduce the risk of back pain: take regular breaks, change position frequently in your seat, and stay hydrated.

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