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This week we have interesting info: Did you know that putting your thick wallet in the trousers’ back pocket is a very bad idea? Also, back pain in kids can mean mod that growing-up pain, acupressure treatment and manipulation on lower back pain, yoga positions for getting rid of back pain, learning about textbook stretching, using breathing exercises to treat chronic pain, body vibration treatment for back pain and joint pain, remember to move around if working for long hours at a desk, and more.

Back Pain In Kids Is Not Only Related To Growing Up

In many cases, when kids have back pain, the x-rays or MRI do not show anything, so the pain gets ignored or related to growing up. The pain is usually caused by bad posture – staring at the computer or the phone. More here.

Here’s Why Putting Your Wallet In Your Trousers’ Back Pocket Is A Bad Idea

The back pocket in the trousers can store many things, but it is normally used for the wallet. If it is thick, it can affect the sciatic nerve of cause a tilted pelvis. Is the front pocket a solution? Not always. More here.

Acupressure Treatment And Manipulation On Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common medical condition. One of the most common causes is known as slipped disk. This is treated via manipulation up to steroid injection and even surgery. However, acupressure is a non-invasive treatment with good results. More here.

Looking For Really Demanding Yoga? Try Ashtanga

There are many types of yoga. All are self-paced, demanding concentration on the poses or asanas. However, Ashtanga yoga is the toughest, ideal for getting rid of that belly fat and correcting the spine. More here.

Check These Yoga Positions For Getting Rid Of Back Pain

Yoga is great for relaxing and getting rid of anxiety. However, it also adds flexibility to our bodies and helps fighting back the damage made to our backs by poor posture. More here.

What Is Textbook Stretching?

These stretching exercises just require a good book… but it’s not for reading but as an exercise assistance. Will do miracles for your back. More here.

Treating Chronic Pain With Breathing Exercises

Chronic pain is usually treated with drugs, which in some cases they can result in addiction. Therefore, it is important to look for alternate ways to deal with it, such as meditation. Breathing exercises had shown good results. More here.

Whole Body Vibration Is A Treatment For Back Pain And Other Conditions

Whole Body Vibration is a technique originated in Europe more than 50 years ago. In 10 minutes per day, it is a treatment for back, knee, hip and joint pain, osteoporosis, arthritis, weight loss, among others. More here.

Study: Blocking A Stress-Related Protein Associated To Pain Treatment

A study has found that blocking a protein related to stress and depression has positive results in treating chronic pain conditions, such as back pain, headaches, and neck pain. More here.

Working Long Hours At Your Desk? Don’t Forget To Move Around

Office workers spend long hours sitting. However, once every hour they must stand and move around. Else the result will be back and shoulder pain, which will worsen into severe muscle and joint injuries. More here

Acupressure For Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is usually treated with painkillers, while doctors figure out how to deal with the cause of the pain. An alternative is acupressure. It can treats headaches, back pains, chronic fatigue, stress, insomnia, among others. More here.

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