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Opioid Prescriptions For Chronic Pain Had Doubled In The Past 25 Years

Unfortunately, The Negative Effects, Such As Addiction And Overdose Deaths Has Also Risen

Positive Feelings And Emotions Will Have A Positive Effect On Chronic Pain, Decreasing It

Proper Sleep Is Also Important, Because The Body Repairs Itself While Sleeping, Helping Control Pain

New Portable Device For Chronic Pain Treatment Through Electromagnetic Fields

These Promote Cell Regeneration And Healing And Has Reported An Effectivity Of 80%

TMJ Can Be A Source Of Tension Headaches

It Is A Disorder Of The Jaw Joint And Can Affect Jaw Muscles And Nerves, Leading To Headaches, And Even Neck Pain

New Devices And Technologies To Detect Snoring And Sleep Apnea

They Sense Motion And Changes In Sleep Patterns And Interact With Smart Pillows Or Mattresses To Force A Change In The Patient’S Position, Also Preventing Back Pain