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Sitting Continuously Behind A Desk Will Have Negatives Effects On Health

These Can Be Avoided With Interruptions For Standing Up Or Walking

Back Pain Is Not Always Related To Old Age

Most Back Pain Sufferers Have Less Than 50 Years

Chest Pain Can Be Caused By Pinched Nerves

Other Causes Are Acid Reflux And Cardiovascular Conditions

New Procedure For Degenerative Disk Disease

It Inserts Specialized Cells In The Disk, Preventing Drug Treatments Or Surgery

Psoriatic Arthritis Can Be Treated With Natural Remedies

It Is Caused By An Inflammation Of Joints And Ligaments And Can Lead To Deformities

Foot Reflexology Has Proven Beneficial For Pain Treatment

It Can Also Treat Depression, Excessive Stress, Migraines, Insomnia, And High Blood Pressure

Incorrect Support Of Baby During Breastfeeding Can Cause Back Pain

It Is Caused By Shear Forces On The Spine

Neuroplasticity Increases Pain Sensation To Protect Injuries

The Body Forces The Patient To Rest To Promote Healing

Spinal Cord Stimulation Proven Ineffective Compared To Other Treatments

It Requires Invasive Surgery, And The Electrodes Can Get Misplaced

Portable Screens Force Users To Tilt Their Heads

Continuous Use Can Lead To Back Pain, Neck Pain, And Headaches