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Perhaps You Don’t Suffer From Back Pain...

But you see your loved ones are unable to control the pain while walking or sitting or to sleep well all night without painkillers.

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Imagine you can take them to the doctor, and being capable of explaining the situation in detail, and also making the correct questions.

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Learn Which Are The Best Sleeping Positions For Treating Or Preventing Back Pain

Also Learn How To Avoid The Worst Position For Back Pain

According to specialists, there are two sleeping positions to manage back pain. There are cases in which a person wakes up stiff and with a body ache and back pain. This is the consequence of spending 8 hours in the wrong position. The correct way to sleep and treat or prevent back pain is keeping the spine in a neutral position in relation to the hips and pelvis. If sleeping on the back, besides using a pillow under the head, another the pillow must be placed under the knees in order to correctly align the spine. Also, if sleeping on a side, the pillow must be soft or solid enough to keep the head straight. On the other hand, the worst position is belly down, because it forces the head to a side. Unfortunately, there are people that try to keep a proper spine alignment when sleeping, but wake up belly down. One way to prevent it is by sewing tennis balls to the front of the t-shirt used for sleeping. The uncomfortable sensation will force the person to move to another position. Additional info click here.

Caffeine May Have An Adverse Effect On Back Pain

It Acts As A Stimulant, Escalating Stress Levels, But Can Also Increase Pain Sensitivity It Taken In Excess

Even though a morning coffee is the best way to start the day for most people, it could have adverse side effects if suffering from back pain. This is because caffeine in coffee aggravates stress and chronic inflammation, which are both related to back pain. The logical answer is stopping taking coffee, but caffeine withdrawal worsens the effect for a short time. The stimulant can increase stress levels, leading to the production of the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone prepares the body for a potential danger, but excessive production can result in triggering pain over the entire body because it increases pain sensitivity. Click here for more details.

Chronic Back Pain Can Worsen With Lack Of Activity – This Treatment Can Help Deal With It

Heat With Radiofrequency Can Block The Pain Signals On The Nerves

Most ailments are treated with resting to let the body heal itself. This is not the case of chronic back pain - lack of movement can actually worsen the condition, therefore specialists suggest to continue with the normal activities, which sometimes are very painful to accomplish. This leads to a pain cycle. One way to treat it is via radiofrequency heat, in case the pain is nerve-related. This treatment interrupts pain signals from nerve tissues. Click here for more details.

Sitting For An Excessive Time Can Affect The Operation Of The Glute Muscles

It’s Called “Dead Butt” – Learn About The Symptoms And Treatments

Sitting for extended periods of time, as when having a desk job or a long commute to work, can increase the risk of blood clots, increase weight, or result in back pain. However, there is another consequence, known as “gluteal amnesia” or “dead butt”. This happens when the hip flexor gets shortened as a result of excess time seating, which in turn, affects the operation of the glute muscles. They forget to operate from muscle memory and depend on the back for help. The additional demands on back muscles result in back pain, hip pain. How to deal with it? Click here for more information.

Foods That Can Help Control Back Pain

Potassium-Rich Bananas And Avocados Can Help Improve Muscular And Nerve Function.

Back pain treatment does not have to be centered on painkillers. There are foods that can help reduce it and even increase the effectivity of the drugs. One of them is fiber, which helps back pain by decreasing the risk of constipation. Also, bananas, avocados, and coconut water include potassium, which improves the muscular and nerve functions. There are also foods that reduce inflammation, which could be the cause of back pain. Omega-3 fatty acids act as powerful anti-inflammatory and are included on oily fish and flaxseed. Another cause of back pain is dehydration, which can be avoided by dinking enough water. Additional info click here.

Kidney Pain Can Be Confused With Back Pain

Learn The Differences, Symptoms, And Treatment

Back pain can result from excess stress on core muscles, or problems in the vertebrae, among others. But it can also be confused with kidney pain. How to identify it? Kidney pain is located between the ribs and hips, and it is constant and sometimes sharp. This is the case when the cause is kidney stones. Other causes are a kidney infection, renal infarction, and even kidney cancer. There are also differences in symptoms. While back pain can include swelling on the back, pain in legs, knees, and numbness, kidney pain symptoms are painful urination, blood in urine and gastric issues. How to treat it? Additional information click here.

Back Pain Can Result Of A Tightening Of The Psoas Muscle

This Happens When Sitting Too Much Time And Not Stretching The Body

We have talked about one the consequences of sitting too much time. Another one is related to the psoas muscle, which connects the spine to the legs. It can become very tight when sitting for a long time. A tight psoas will pull the pelvis backward, adding stress to the lumbar spine. Taking a break from the desk and watching your standing position will help to relax the psoas and avoiding back pain. Additional details click here.

Moderate Activity Can Reduce The Risk Of Chronic Back Pain

Low Impact Activities Such As Walking Or Swimming Will Help Avoid Back Pain

Maintaining a regular activity might reduce the risk of chronic lower back pain. These activities include walking, all the way to intense exercise. Also, people suffering from back pain obtain better and faster results in their treatment if they continue with their normal activities and avoid sitting or resting extended periods of time. Suggested activities can include low impact exercises, such as walking, swimming and even climbing stairs in a moderate way. Click here for more details.

Sitting For Extended Periods Of Time Will Lead To Poor Health Conditions

Experts Are Calling It The New Smoking

Sitting at work for an extended period of time can seriously affect your health. It can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, stress and lower back pain. One way to avoid this is standing. It improves posture, lowers blood pressure and increases the metabolism. Also, it is a good idea to increase the level of activity, such as walking around the office and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Additional info click here.

Fixing A Poor Posture With The Correct Exercises

It Will Help Relax The Muscles That Tighten Up After Hours In Front Of A Computer

One of the main causes of a poor posture is hunching over a phone or a laptop. It sets additional stress over joints and muscles and also results in back and neck pain, shoulder issues, and headaches. However, there are exercises that will help correct the posture. One of them is stretching the pectorals, to avoid excess stress on shoulders. Another is opening the area of the mid-back, which gets tight after working in front of a computer. Check all the posture stretches, which also include detailed videos. Additional details click here.

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