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Our Latest News Include...

  • Excess Physical Activity While Suffering From Back Pain Can Delay Healing

    Specialists Suggest Taking Breaks To Optimize Restoration Of Tissues

    The Pandemic Is Increasing The Number Of Health Conditions Related To Back Pain, Eye Discomfort, And Headaches

    The Main Cause Is Sitting Down And Staring A Screen For An Extended Time

    A Weak Muscle Core Will Increase The Chance Of Back Pain

    It Creates An Imbalance Between The Muscles In The Core And Overworks Alternate Muscles

    Driving For An Extended Time Can Lead To Back Pain

    This Occurs If The Seat Is Not Properly Adjusted To The Driver’S Body, Along With A Poor Lumbar Support

    Cannabis Is Effective As An Alternative To Traditional Painkillers And Has Fewer Side Effects

    However, It Requires More Study About The Dosing, Administration, And Formulation

  • This Advice Will Help To Avoid Back Pain When Working At Home

    It Includes Frequent Stretches, Breaks, A Proper Sitting Posture, And Hydration

    Gluten Intolerance Can Occur Without Suffering Celiac Disease

    Among The Symptoms Are Abdominal Pain, Headaches, Anxiety, And Muscle And Joint Pain

    New Implant For Treating Chronic Pain And Neurological Disorders Has The Size Of A Grain Of Rice.

    It Is Magnetically Powered, And Can Also Treat Depression, OCD, And Parkinson’S Disease

    Chronic Stress Is Related To An Increase In Conditions Such As Headaches, Back Pain, And Jaw Tension

    One Of The Causes Is Social Conditioning When People Are Taught Since Early Childhood To Withhold Emotions

    COVID-19 Survivors Are Suffering From A Series Of Symptoms Several Months Later

    These Include Gastrointestinal Issues, Metallic Taste, Headaches, Heart Palpitations, Nerve Pain, And Muscle Weakness

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