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Our Latest News Include...

  • Understanding SPD, Which Affects The Ligament Between The Pelvic Bones

    It Can Affect The Stability Of The Pelvic Bones And Lead To Back Pain And Incontinence

    Porous Structure In Cartilage In The Spine Can Be The Key For Unexplained Back Pain

    It Allows The Growth Of Sensory Nerve Endings

    Several Medications Can Have Negative Interactions With Alcohol

    Among Them Are Heartburn, Blood Pressure, Depression, And Sleep Medication

    Sudden Weight Gain Can Be A Sign Of A Serious Health Issue

    Among Them Are Heart Failure, PCOS, And Ovarian Cancer, Which Also Present Back Pain

    Addressing The Myths About Back Pain

    Among Them Is Staying In Bed, While It Required Physical Activity, And The Need For Scans To Determine The Cause

  • Weight Training Has More Benefits Than Just Cardio

    It Improves The Cardiovascular System, Helps With Weight Loss, And Strengthens The Core To Prevent Back Pain

    Spinal Fractures Are Very Common In Elderly Adults

    They Can Be Cases By Falling, Improper Lifting, Or Simply Bending Over

    Back Pain On Runners Has Several Causes

    Among Them Is Poor Posture While Running, Insufficient Strength On Certain Muscles, And Excessive Training

    Spinal Infection Is A Rare But Serious Condition

    It Can Be Caused By An Infection In Another Part Of The Body And Affect The Spine, Vertebra, Disks, And Even The Spinal Fluid

    Common Flu Can Lead To Serious Health Conditions

    Among Them Are Hearing Loss And Strong Headaches, Which Might Be Symptoms Of Brain Conditions, Such As Encephalitis And Meningitis

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