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Certain Cultures Do Not Suffer From Back Pain – Why Is It? Back pain is said to be a result of modern life, spending too much time sitting in a desk, and recently, by the slouching posture when looking at a digital device. It has been found that certain cultures have a different shape in their spine, which causes that back pain to be virtually nonexistent.


Pressure Points In The Body For Stress Relief And Back Pain. The body has a series of pressure points that relate to certain parts of the body. Massaging these points will cause relief in these other parts. In the case of back pain, there is a point in the calf, between the knee crease and the foot. The foot has also another pressure point for back pain.


Getting Rid Of Irritating Joint Pain. Joint pain is mainly caused by inflammation. If not treated properly, it can worsen with swelling and scar tissue. It can be treated with an OTC anti-inflammatory, applying ice over the area, among others. Diet, excess weight and lack of exercise are also related to joint pain, among others. How to deal with it in each case?


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